We believe in providing a wide range of services to improve your business. Find a service that best fits your needs, give us a go and never look back!

Securing a Domain Name

We will work with you to come up with and secure your website name. If you already have a site you want updated we can work with you to update or completely redo your site. We offer an all in one hosting solution through our GoDaddy store.

Website Design

After securing your name we want your customers to be able to visit a live site, as we work together to develop content for your site we will setup a page so your customers know how to contact you, then we work together designing and develping your perfect site.

SEO and Website Security

Search Engine Optimization will ensure your site gets more traffic. Security is a concern when you have a published website. We offer multiple choices to fit your budget which insures your site is protected from malware, security breaches, and all attacks your site could encounter.

Site Publication and Ongoing Maintenance

Keeping your site current = client engagement. Running a business and keeping a website up to date can be tireless, Gordon Web Solutions offers tiered services agreements where we keep your site current with updates, photos, information we can even have our writers write blogs for you.

We Help You Find


Our Design Team can help guide you through the process of branding, building, and implementing your business. Not sure what message you want your site to convey let our copywriters help.

Plan Better

There are many steps involved in the web building process. Our job is to provide a plan to ensure this process goes smoothly.

Unlock Potential

Let us take your business to the next level. In this digital age having a solid web footprint is essential to success.

Expert Advise

Our team has years of experience and a plethora of resources to advise you and ensure all of your questions are answered .

24/7 Support

We are here when you need us most. Our team will ensure your questions are answered within 24 hours

We Care About


Our main goal is your success. From the beginning we will work closely to provide you the tools to best meet your needs.

You Are Safe


Security is a top priority

Our owner comes from a security background and knows it is an integral part of the design process. Website security is the measures taken to secure a website from cyberattacks. In this sense, website security is an ongoing need and an essential part of managing a website. We protect your Site with the latest technology as a part of our ongoing support service.



Our beginnings started from us running an Equine Business. We saw the need for better web presence in the horse world. With stables being spread all over the world it is no surprise that it can be difficult to see what stables and businesses have to offer. That lead us to start developing equine websites and has since spread from there into other industries.

Our detail oriented team knows the importance of not taking shortcuts, and how important client relationships are to success. Just as our barn clients relied relied on us to care for their precious animals, we take the same pride in building your online footprint.


We believe in providing a wide range of services to improve your business. Find a service that best fits your needs, give us a go and never look back!

My goal is to create a web presence for our clients’ innovations through design creation and marketing solutions. I take great pride in providing quality services and exceptional customer service every single day. We’re here to provide you with everything you need to be present and effective in business and on the internet.



Gordon Web Solutions works with others as a team to exceed each of our clients’ expectations. We offer high-level experience, helping businesses with their web presence to stay current, assisting with design ideas, copywriting and marketing solutions so you can focus on your business. Let us work with you today.



As a horseman, a business owner, and a family man I have always been goal driven. Set me on a task and I will not stop until it is complete. I am here to work with my clients to ensure their needs are met and at the end of the day we both are blown away with what we have set out to do!!




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